01.30.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 1/30/2001
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Preview: Liz welcomes Jason back to town.Recap: Luke panicked when he tried to get access to the Cassadine funds and the banker wanted to ask him questions to verify his heritage. Luke managed to bluff his way through the questions and was relieved when the banker told him he‘d see him in the morning. Emily begged Taggert not to use handcuffs on Zander and Monica surprisingly tried to be on Emily‘s side. Lila stalled Taggert from taking Zander away by serving tea. On her way to the mansion, Alexis stopped by Sonny‘s Penthouse to make sure that Zander was going to be safe this time. Sonny assured her that Zander was worthless to him dead and promised to take care of everything. Emiyl begged Alexis to stop Taggert from taking Zander to prison, but Alexis said they needed to go to the station to work things out. Emily swore to Edward that she would never forgive him. At the photo shoot, Liz was annoyed with herself for freezing up and Laura was annoyed by Carly‘s disruptive presence. Liz