01.25.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 1/25/2001
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Preview:Emily and Zander enjoy their last night together.Recap:Florence invited Gia to dinner so that they could scheme on how to ease the problems between Hannah and Taggert. Gia couldn‘t stay because she had an appointment at Deception. Florence was dismayed that Gia was choosing a dream career over her family. Gia asked her mother to stop berating her if she couldn‘t offer support. Florence‘s hopes for a pleasant evening rose when Taggert and Hannah showed up. Though initially uncomfortable by the set-up, they soon warmed to each other. Once Florence left however, they started talking about their conflicts over Sonny and A.J. and things swiftly fell apart. At his apartment, Roy tried to initiate a romantic evening with Bobbie, but had to put it on hold when he got an emergency call from the club. Left alone, Bobbie snooped through Roy‘s belongings and found a stack of letters from Melissa. She read them and cried when she realized they were love letters. When Roy returned, she coul