01.17.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 1/17/2001
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Preview:Nikolas breaks down when he learns the truth about Stefan.Recap:Laura gave Carly the news that there was trouble with their business associates in Paris and she needed to go there to take care of it. Carly was understanding and thanked Laura for handling the business so that she could be with Sonny. In a frenzy, Alexis told Sonny about Zander jumping bail. They both surmised that he had gone to California to get Emily. Alexis urged Sonny to put some of his men on finding Zander, but Sonny was confident that the teen knew he needed to return to PC and would do so on his own. Carly gave Sonny better news when she told him how much she loved him and how happy he made her. Stefan cornered Gia in front of Kelly‘s to advise her to stay away from Nikolas. Though she pretended to be unaffected by his words, she was happy when Lucky and Liz interrupted. Gia asked Lucky if he thought that she and Nikolas were as inappropriate as Stefan and Helena seemed to think. Lucky told her to stand