01.04.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 1/4/2001
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Preview:Monica realizes what a threat Sorel is.Recap:Bobbie visited Ford and asked him for his opinion on the letter from Melissa. Though Ford couldn‘t give her much information, he did tell her that he didn‘t believe that Melissa was working with Larkin. When Bobbie confessed her actions to Roy, he was upset with her for digging for clues. He wanted to keep the past in the past and concentrate on moving forward. Hannah and Taggert clashed when his feelings about the Sorel/Sonny case seemed to be crossing into the personal rather than the professional. He questioned her objectivity where Sonny was concerned and she refused to speak to him until he could be rational. Elton tracked down Nikolas and asked him for help in contacting Alexis. His career was in ruins after the wedding debacle and he needed to find a new job. Gia suggested that he talk to Laura at Deception because she knew Laura needed help. Nikolas accused her of just trying to get an edge on Liz. Nikolas later admitted to