01.02.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/2/2001
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Preview:Sonny crosses over to where Lily waits for him!Recap:Lucky and Liz planned a dinner party for their friends and worried about whether or not Emily would show up. Lucky asked Liz to take it easy on Gia and Liz agreed to try. They decided that if they felt themselves being rude to Gia, they would just kiss. The nice dinner turned into a verbal battle with Gia inflicting most of the blows. Ned was furious that Alexis was considering letting Zander stay with her. Alexis believed it was her job to ensure Zander‘s safety, but Ned didn‘t see why she had to be the one to take a risk. He understood her reasons though he hated the idea. Felicia overheard the cop who was on the take talking about his crimes, but he walked away before she could see him. Mac gave Felicia full access to the personnel files to try and find the crooked officer. A.J. offered to post a reward for information about the shooters, but Taggert told him that would seriously impede the investigation. After Hannah agr