04.13.98 - Monday

Season 35, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 4/13/1998
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Laura sadly begins boxing up Lucky‘s things and asks her estranged husband if there are any mementos of their son that he would like to keep. Alexis warns Stefan that he and Nikolas are still standing in HelenaÕs direct line of fire. Katherine has suspicions about Jax double after he offers her twice the amount that her ELQ stocks are worth. Upon hearing his cousin‘s news, Ned dryly congratulates A.J. on finding the one woman in the world who will make him the perfect mate. Fresh from her brush with death, Alexis explains to a skeptical Stefan why she~s done fighting for her rightful place in the Cassadines clan. In a fit of blind rage brought on by inconsolable grief, Luke throws most of Lucky‘s belongings out the window while Laura begs him to stop.