03.11.98 - Wednesday

Season 35, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 3/11/1998
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Preview:Luke watches as a hypnotized Lucky freaks out.Recap:Luke had another nightmare about being trapped in the dark maze. As before, hands reached out to him and a female voice led him out of the darkness. He woke up to find Bobbie shaking him. She excitedly told him that Lucas woke from his coma and appeared to be cured. Everyone gathered around Lucas‘s bedside and celebrated his return to good health. Luke took notice of Tony‘s distraction and followed Tony out of the room. He asked his former brother-in-law if Helena had something to do with Lucas‘s illness, but Tony insisted that Lucas had a complex virus and that was all. Laura overheard their conversation and prayed that the Cassadine war wouldn‘t affect the children. Liz returned to the boxcar and this time, Lucky was there. She professed her concern for Lucky and told him that she and Nikolas were worried that Helena was programming him again. Lucky assured her that he was fine, he was just distracted by everything that was