03.02.98 - Monday

Season 35, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 3/2/1998
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Preview:Zander recognizes Emily.Recap:Gia wanted Nikolas to hire her at L & B. Chloe finally woke up and had no idea where she was, but the luxurious room she woke up in had a closet of clothes for her. Jason expressed his sadness that Mike had returned to gambling and Sonny told Jason that he should never have trusted Mike in the first place. While looking for Jason, Emily ran into Lucky who hoped she wasn‘t going to tell Jason about Ted. Emily didn‘t understand why Lucky hated Jason all of a sudden when they were once friends. Lucky confessed that he hated the thought of Liz and Jason together. Carly went to Kelly‘s and warned Liz to stay away from Jason. Liz was unfazed by Carly‘s threat and told Carly that she and Sonny and Jason were just friends. At about the same time, Emily assured Lucky of the same thing. Emily commanded Lucky to go to Kelly‘s and tell Liz that he wanted to be with her. Nikolas wanted to know how Gia thought she was qualified to work for a music company. Gia