12.07.95 - Thursday

Season 32, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 12/7/1995
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Lucy‘s sad on Serena‘s 2nd birthday until she gets a surprise delivery from Scott. Lucy & Kevin discuss having children. After helping Garcia connect Damian & Sonny, Katherine fears Damian‘s wrath and Mac advises she go on vacation. Lois is upset to learn Ned went beind her back to bring down Sonny. Lois & Ned pay Sonny a visit and ask him to sell his L&B shares but he refuses. Realizing he‘s about to go down, Sonny tells Luke he needs to buy out his share of the club. Luke doesn‘t have enough cash so Sonny suggests he find a new partner. Tommy‘s worried about Tom, who claims he‘s okay, but Simone & Felicia aren‘t so convinced.