11.07.95 - Tuesday

Season 32, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 11/7/1995
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Robin encourages Sonny to go to Mary Mae‘s concert in Phillly because that‘s what Stone wants. Sonny‘s depressed over Stone‘s deteriorating condition, but Lily encourages him to keep the faith. Tom decides to protest when the hospital board votes not to fire Dorman. Tony, upset by the vote, tells Bobbie he doesn‘t feel their marriage counseling is working. Edward fails to convince Ned to go to Tokyo for 6 months, then tries to trick Lois into going on tour there but she tells him he can‘t control Ned. On Lucky & Emily‘s trail, Luke & Laura look for clues left behind in Chicaco, but don‘t find any. Laura tells Luke it‘s familiar being on the run, but she longs for a stable family life. En route to Albequerque, Lucky tells Emily he stayed 1 step ahead of his parents by doing the unexpected.