The Volunteer

Season 5, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 10/29/1991
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Teaser: There is no teaser in this episode. Main Synopsis: After school is dismissed for the day, D.J. goes to the Golden Gate Nursing Home to visit 75 year old Eddie Johnson, her ""adopted grandparent"" in the Adopt-a-grandparent program. At home, Stephanie and Kimmy have a disagreement -- Kimmy seems to think her dog Coco is smarter than Comet, so they agree to invite all the dogs that live in their neighborhood into the Tanner family backyard for a little dog show in order to settle this. D.J. has promised to be the judge, so at the end of her visit with Eddie, D.J. tells Eddie about the dog show. Eddie wants to see the show, so he sneaks out of the nursing home and goes with D.J. to the house. At home, D.J. notices Eddie acting strange, like he doesn‘t know who D.J. is. The winner of the dog show is Teddy‘s dog Sparky. Nurse Thomas arrives from the nursing home, and she‘s looking for Eddie, who didn‘t tell D.J. that a signature from a relative is needed to get Eddie out of the nurs