Worlds Apart

Season 4, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/27/2012
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‘Fringe‘ Recap: Countdown to Strange Days

Fringe fans have much to celebrate this week. Not only is it time for an all-new episode, counting down to the end of the series‘ fourth season, but Fox has just announced a fifth and final season, as you may have seen. Let us not jump too far ahead, though. We still have much ground to cover in the coming weeks. Last week, we traveled ahead to the year 2036 with Walter Bishop. He assisted the future Fringe Division in rescuing son Peter and Astrid from amber after all those years. Along with Peter‘s daughter Etta, the team set out to win a war between Natives and Loyalists of the Observers new rule. Put all of that on the back burner for now because tonight we return to the present. The Fringe team of both worlds will join together in order to investigate new happenings linked to the Cortexiphan experiments.
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