Phillip Broyles

Played by Lance Reddick

Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) leads the Fringe Division, under the Department of Homeland Security. He was responsible for recruiting the current Fringe Division team, including releasing Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) from St. Claire's Hospital. Broyles was initially skeptical of his team's abilities, but with each of his team's successes, his trust in them grew. Often aloof, Broyles's exact role in the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still unclear. He seems to share an intimate relationship with Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), COO of Massive Dynamic, but it is unknown how close they truly are. Broyles and Sharp seem to share a history, which contributes to Olivia Dunham's (Anna Torv) suspicions of Massive Dynamic's true intentions as a company.

Broyles charges his team with investigating something called "The Pattern, " which has been responsible for a series of gruesome, and inexplicable deaths. Because of the scientific nature of the events, Broyles recruited Walter Bishop to investigate and solve the puzzling incidents. With every mystery the Fringe Team resolves, Broyles begins to realize the value of having such a group of people to investigate these crimes. He is often seen accompanying the team when crime scenes are being investigated, and has helped Olivia gain access to information she would not typically have. On several occasions, he speaks out on behalf of his team, and even secures funding to continue their work. Broyles also helps Olivia and Walter cross-over into an alternate universe to find William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), when Peter goes missing in the episode "Over There, Part I."


"Someone out there's experimenting, only using the whole world as their lab."

"When the threat is unimaginable that is when we are at the door. And you should thank God for that."