Tyra Collette

Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) is a pretty student with a bad reputation and the on-again off-again girlfriend of Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) on the television show "Friday Night Lights." Tyra worked part-time at the local Applebee's and lived with her mother Angela (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) and sister Mindy (Stacy Oristano). In Season 2, she dated Landry (Jessie Plemmons), the school nerd, and they covered up a murder when Landry struck and killed a man trying to hurt Tyra. In Season 3, she dated a cowboy named Cash (Zach Roerig), but realized he was trouble and broke up with him. Tyra eventually left her hometown to attend the University of Texas in Austin after graduating from high school.

Memorable Quotes:

"God mom, he's just a stupid guy. It's not like Jesus Christ left you."

"There's a trait in the women in my family that just drives men crazy. Treat us like crap and we always come back for more."