Tim Riggins

Played by Taylor Kitsch

Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) was an essential character on "Friday Night Lights." He was the celebrated fullback of his high school football team, the Dillon Panthers, and the best friend of its star quarterback, Jason Street (Scott Porter). Throughout the five seasons of the show, Tim grew from being an immature drunkard to a man of respectable integrity.

In the first season of "Friday Night Lights," Tim was portrayed as a high school kid who liked partying, booze, girls and football. He was also violent and prone to starting fights with people who annoyed him. It would seem like Tim was just another stereotypical high school jock, who used his skills on the football field to gain perks from his community.

Things started to change when he fell in love with his best friend's girlfriend, Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly). For the first time, Tim found himself in a serious situation with people that he cared deeply about. He learned that sometimes he needed to make decisions that would not benefit him directly, if it meant making other people happy. This signalled the start of Tim's road to maturity.

In Season 3, Tim faced another serious decision: going to college. He was the kind of high school student who didn't give much thought to attending college or to anything past high school, for that matter. However, he was persuaded by his then-girlfriend, Lyla, into considering the football scholarships that many colleges were offering him. This was another big part of Tim's growing up, as he began to think about his future and as he struggled to weigh the importance of his happiness against a better future for Lyla.

The writers of "Friday Night Lights" have done a marvelous job in taking the viewers on a magnificent ride of Tim's ups and downs and his slow but steady maturity. This is the reason why he made it onto Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.

Memorable Quotes:

"Too late, play's over. You waited too long to make a decision. Now we lost the game because of you, now we're not going to state, and now the whole town of Dillon hates you and you're never going to get laid. FACT."

"Good friends living large in Texas. Texas forever, Street."