Landry Clarke

Played by Jesse Plemons

Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons) from "Friday Night Lights" is a geeky and nerdy freshman at Dillon High in Texas. He is the best friend of Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford), the Dillon Panthers' quarterback. Landry often gives support and advice to Matt, although his advice is often unhelpful. He is good-natured and has a funny sense of humor, which makes up for his annoying remarks.

Matt's father is serving in Iraq so Landry helps him take care of his grandmother Lorraine Saracen (Louanne Stephens). Landry is also instrumental in helping Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki), Tim's girlfriend at the time, see that she can get out of Dillon and not continue the path that her mother and sister, who is a stripper have taken.

Landry joins the football team to impress his father. He later moves to East Dillon High, where he becomes a kicker and wins against the Panthers. Landry is the front man of the Christian speed-metal band Crucifictorious. He has good grades and awaits a life outside Dillon. On the request of Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), Landry becomes Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) literature tutor.

Landry has a huge crush on Tyra. He manages to become friends with her despite her dislike of him. He defends Tyra from a rapist who he kills and hides the body, which leads to a romance between the two. He loses his virginity to Tyra. Later, he feels guilty about the murder and confesses, but charges are not pressed.

Memorable Quotes:

"Here's to Tyra. I'm in your house... with strippers... and God bless all who enter here. "

"I know I'm far from the most talented player on this team, but it seems to me that we can either win together, or we can lose alone. And I just want to say it's an honor and a privilege to be here with y'all."

"In certain situations, you gotta ask yourself WWRD?... 'What Would Riggins Do?' in the situation. He would walk over to him and punch him in the face and throw him in the pool."

"What do you think of Crucifictorious? I wanted to go with Stigmatalingus but I got out voted."

"Three chicks in a hot tub definitely qualifies as diamond territory."