Julie Taylor

Played by Aimee Teegarden

Julie Taylor, the oldest daughter of Coach Eric and Tami Taylor, has many transitions within the series Friday Night Lights mostly due to her relationships with male characters. Her first true relationship is with QB #1 for the Dillon Panthers, Matt Saracen who is coached by her father. Their relationship is very awkward due to both characters being so shy. Once this awkwardness is broken, they fall in love for one another while hitting a few speed bumps down the road.

With the changes of Julie's social life and feelings, she falls for another man who is not who she truly thought he was and she lands back with Matt who has already run off to Chicago after the devastating loss of his father. Julie also moves on with her life and hits a major road block, her TA from a college history course. She becomes romantically involved with this older man who is already married. These actions lead to Julie being humiliated in front of her peers and she runs back home to her parents.

After realizing why Julie is back from college, Eric and Tami realize that their daughter is not who they believed she was. This change in perspective leads to them kicking her out of the house which then causes for her to run away to Chicago with her true love, Matt Saracen. After realizing she can not run away from her problems, Julie finally comes to her senses and takes Matt's advice by return to college to get her degree. Overall, the character of Julie Taylor is very interesting and highlights the life of a teenage girl very colorfully.