Buddy Garrity

Played by Brad Leland

Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) is a local car dealership owner and father of Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly) on "Friday Night Lights." He played for the Dillon Panthers when he was in high school and became a supporter of the boosters, who raise money for the football team. Buddy and his wife got divorced after he was caught having an affair with Angela Collette (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson). In Season 4, when coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) was sent to coach the Dillon Lions, Buddy decided to leave the Panthers' boosters and support the Lions instead. He also hosts a weekly sports radio show.

Memorable Quotes:

"This is about tradition, about the spirit, about this team and keep this town alive."

"You can't fake boosterism Eric, it comes from the heart."