Brian "Smash" Williams

Played by Gaius Charles

Brian "Smash" Williams (Gaius Charles) was a running back for the Dillon Panthers on "Friday Night Lights." During Season 1, Smash started using steroids and took money from his church to pay for them after telling the congregation that he needed money for an SAT prep class. In Season 2, he blew out his knee, putting his chances to play in college in jeopardy. After working hard to recover from the injury, Smash had several offers from colleges, but after punching a teenager in a movie theater, most of his offers were rescinded. Eventually, Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) helped him win a tryout at Texas A & M University, where he ended up going.

Memorable Quotes:

"Hey look, trash talk before the game is a sign of weakness."

"Didn't you hear anything Mac McGill said Rig? You're white. That means you were born a leader."