Ward Family

Season 7, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 11/29/2009
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The Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus pulls up at the playground where Cynthia, Clara’s adult daughter, is playing with some of the children. She and the children rush to greet Ty, the Design Team, and a visibly moved Mary J. Blige. Ty loads them all on the bus to go to the house, where they surprise Clara and Bennie. After listening to a few of the kids describe what Clara means to them, Ty informs them they’re going to Walt Disney World!Clara, in her wheelchair, shows Ty the inside of the house. Mary J. Blige and Paige marvel that Clara can’t even get around in the home - and can’t even close her bathroom door! Mary says she saw neglected children when she was growing up, and becomes emotional as she tells Paige that she’s never seen someone care as much as Clara - she will make a difference to these kids’ lives. Paul checks out Bennie’s room, noting that he is almost legally blind, and that will have to be taken into consideration when designing his space.