How many plots add up to an early burial?

Is it just me, or are the Y&R writers throwing anything and everything against the wall, seeing what sticks? I'll not sound so pompous and threaten dropping my 35 year-old friend. Next to the Mentalist, I've got to have my daily "fix" of Victor, Jack, Chloe and especially Victoria!(She's never looked happier or more beautiful..with Billy, too! Hmm-wonder what JT, her real life hubby, thinks!) And now the Hoff' returning. Wow, can't we at least send Adam to his eternal reward, and get some breathing room, once and for all!!! I'm beginning to think Adam will get a face transplant, among other "things" and become Emily, after Patty knocks her off. Who are these surgeons who do such fine work? Who are the writers who play this "card" too often! I just hope Jack and Victor don't end up in bed together, when they fly off together to Brazil. My head will explode. Did you know Chloe is gay in real life? She is one cute hottie! Great actress, too! I love my Y&R!
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