I will NEVER watch the X-factor again

What a mistake to keep Astro over Ms. Francis, his attitude alone should have been a good indication of his overall attitude towards a program that has given him an audience, Ms. Francis on the other hand showed grace even though she was dissapointed by the outcome, she did not act like a spoiled brat and question if she should sing in front of people who didn't vote for her, and if you base the dicision on MUSICIAL talent, then it should have been Astro that should have gone home, sure he writes his own material and can rap, but he has not shown any other abilities, no rock, no country, no range, nothing but rap, Ms. Francis can sing, has an amazing range and was a kind and gracious woman who only wanted for the world to hear her voice. Shame on you X-Factor, you have showed me what you are really about. Hey Simon, next time a 16 year old makes you look like an idiot in front of millions of people, write him a check or better still give him a 5 million dollar contract, because that is the message you should be sending right?
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