What Do You Think Will Happen In Season 4?

I think Elena is going to struggle with the fact she is now a vampire. She's always wanted to live a normal, human life but now knowing she is a supernatural creature means she's only going to get a supernatural life with it. I'm hoping Elena will give more thought to who she really wants to be with when the memory's she was compelled to forget comes flashing back. I really can't wait for Katherine to meet vampire Elena. Its like season 2 repeating itself. Just to let you know Tyler is not DEAD. Its the same spell they used when Klaus took over Alaric's body. Anyway I can't wait for season 4! Its annoying that they've taken it back a month! So what do you think will happen in season 4?
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i think there must be some kind of new enemy, because i think the original family is over as enemies. Because if they kill Claus, nearly all the main will die. Kill the rest of the originals is point less according to me. Another question is what can be stronger then Claus? What I know thats nothing powerful enough in the books either.
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I am not interested in a spin off ..My main interest is Delena ..
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