Is this real?

As a Brit I have found this series a true laugh.Is this for real? Do these women not see how they truly look. !$#!# in me describes them as plastic, phoney, gold diggers, with not a brain cell between their ears! I hope this series continues for at least another ten years. I am looking forward to the multiple face lifts along with the multiple marriages. Please ladies (not really a suitable description) get real lives, grow up and give your children security, find real friends and forget the !$#!#ing. As for the men in this- What are you doing guys? Do you like playing with Barbie Dolls? Gets some b....s and find yourselves real non surgically enhanced women with confidence to be themselves. You migh actually find a soul mate who wants to share your life regardless of wether you have cash or not! I cant believe this series is a true reflection of American life. Is it?
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