Cast Of Fools

TAMRA is proof positive that money does not buy class - the epitome of White Trash! She has the ugliest personality of any of them. Her voice gives me migraine; it is actually full of ugliness. Hottest Housewife HAAAA!! What a joke....not with Gretchen in there! JEANNA may have no tact but there is no 'editing' on what we saw; Tamra 'trashed it up' Tamra style as per usual. ALEXIS....oh God, don't get me started. We are here to 'serve' our husbands? We are 'from their rib'....OMG the MOST clueless of the bunch. PEGGY? Where did she come from? I have to say though...good Tranny....she was a man before, wasn't she? VICKI? As ALWAYS, jealous of what everyone else has all the time, so now she wants a boyfriend and freedom like Tamra. First jealous of her rolex and now this. Poor Don, why he put up with her is beyond me. Self righteous cow to the max. GRETCHEN? Love her. She is hilarious and shows class time and time again by now lowering herself to Vicki and Tamra's white trash behaviour. She is gorgeous, funny, sweet, smart and a joy to watch (and I'm straight and think that!)
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