Overpriviledged and not to be trusted

These women are without doubt the most overpriviledged and untrustworthy bunch I've ever had the misfortune to tune into by accident.the first time it was by accident since then I've watched in very short sections.Not one whole episode, as their behaviour and back stabbing raises my blood pressure to boiling point.Too much money and too much time not knowing what to do with it.Except to try and outdo one another at charity events ,pin money projects and in restaurants where they always have blazing rows before any food is served.One or more will then flounce off,acting a toddler's shoe size and not their mature ages,40+. They are all spoilt brats who have never and will never grow up.A better warning about the negative effects of having too much money and too much of everything I have yet to see.
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