Is the NJ Housewives in need of some new blood?

Yikes! Help! Can this show be saved? Right now, I think it's spiraling the wrong way. I really liked seeing the sisters dynamic and that's gone. Thanks Danielle. Bravo needs to bring someone in like Dina to up the sassy yet classy factor again. The whole idea of NJ Housewives is so rich with possible stories, I'm sure they can find someone suitable? Danielle is doing a good job at bringing the show down all by herself.
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Why is everyone on Danielle's case, there are three women against one. Caroline thinks she is GODMOTHER!!!!! I feel stop all the hating on Danielle and bring some new blood in the show to give Caroline and Teresa run for there money.
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It's three against one b/c Danielle is nutballs. Please tell me the rumors about her getting her own show are just that...rumors. Bravo surely isn't going to "reward" crazy w/a show a whole show on crazy. That is not a good message to send to these people on reality shows. What are they going to have to do to top all of this in order to get their own shows in the future...SCARRY SCARRY
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