Ashley is such a spoiled brat. Texting while her parents are talking to her!! Telling her mother that she made the decision to keep her so don't blame her. Really? She has it mighty cushy right now. Where else could she have grown up? In a home where there aren't all the nice things that she takes for granted right now? To think she can sit around the house at 20 with no plan, no school and no job is unthinkable for my house. My kids knew they had to have a plan and if not, out they go. Jackie and Chris have done a lot to encourage and help, but unfortunately they have probably too much, so now it's time for tough love. It doesn't mean you don't love, her, but she needs a dose of reality. Have her move out and learn how life really is, as she's not living in reality now! A selfish girl that should go and live in the same city as her father and step mother and let them guide her. Jackie and Chris have done all they can do. What a shame she doesn't appreciate it more than an eye roll.
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My daughter was as rotten as Ashley, but even more disrespectful. There was nothing I could do to punish her as a child or to get through to her. Now, at the age of 36, she's starting to show some signs of remorse over how she treated me, but still blames me for how her life turned out. I doubt Ashley will change much. I don't think it's anything that Jacquelyn did or didn't do, Ashely was just born that way. You still love your children no matter what, even though there have been times I doubted it, but it doesn't mean you have to like them!
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