BH Housewives Have Lost Their Class and Their Manners

After watching the altercations between the BH housewives and newcomer Brandi, it is apparent that the worst manners on this show this season are those of the housewives, especially Kyle and Kim, although most of the others, EXCEPT Adrienne, routinely join in. I cannot believe that grown women believe that it is okay to openly and loudly make jokes and snide comments, all laughing together about another guest that is present and obviously within their hearing and sight lines. This is the worst kind of bullying because these supposedly well bred women have had the training and education to know better. Brandi was right to continue accepting invitations so as not to let the others bully her. But she is outnumbered and doesn't stand a chance against women who clearly feel it is their right and entitlement to be the meanest girls in the room because they want to. Together, they operate in a wolf pack mentality
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I am in total agreement with comment above mentioned that these women have completely forgotten what it is like to be a lady. I will exempt Adrienne, Lisa and Camille from that because these women do show respect and understanding. But Kyle is out of control this season with her mouth and finger pointing in people's faces and all it reminds me of is the kind of bullying that we discourage our children from doing to each other. Her alliance to Kim, who can act like a total moron on some of these episodes, while being understandable is also unforgiveable because of her abuse to anyone who dares to state the obvious fact about Kim's actions. These women need to learn some compassion and humbleness. How many more people will decide that ending their life is easier then putting up with this abuse. The way Taylor is acting this year.....I truly wonder what life she offered her husband behind closed doors. Who was abusing who in that relationship. These women make me grateful for the loving family I have, the wonderful supportive friends in my life and the fact that I treat everyone that I come in contact with with respect and compassion. You can keep your money ladies.
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