Biggest Loser – Top 5 Faults of the Show

It’s a game. When you first consider what the show is about, it’s hard to remember it's just a reality show and the main focus is on game play. Looking at it from that aspect and there is no problem. But the contestants on the show are trying to change their lives and the focus turns dramatically to weight loss. Watching these people change their lives can be truly inspiring and it’s what drew me to the show originally. Let's remember though, there is the million dollar cash prize and many of the contestants remind us of that. Ironically, those contestants are generally seen in a negative light and at times unfairly shunned by the other contestants and trainers. Not really fair when you consider it is just a game after all, and the prize is there for a reason – to inspire the contestants to do their best. Couples I get annoyed any season they bring couples to the show instead of individuals. Couples seem to heighten the game-play aspect of the show as alliances are now formed from the
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The top prize is $250K, not $1 million.
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