Colton: Straw that broke the camel's back! Bye Bye.

I've never missed an episode from day one....I'm no longer being entertained. Instead, I'm being pissed off. I was infuriated when Ozzie came up just a hair short of the greatest come back since Ali, Jordan or the Giants, leaving the spoils to creeps like Coach and Clark. Now I'm mad and fed up because of the bone headed men surrounding this Colton !$#!# doing such a dumb ass thing like they did.
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Totally agree. I am in Australia and have only just seen the episode where Colton had Bill voted off. I have never been so disgusted with anyone on this show before. I have enjoyed this series for years but have no inclination to finish watching this season as this horrible, spoilt, biggotted pratt just infuriates me too much. The fact that the other men just sat and not only allowed his foul comments but continued to follow him just sickens me. Well done to Bill though for keeping his composure, dont think I could have stopped myself from punching him. I wish Bill every good fortune with his career in stand up and hope Colton got his comeuppance later in the show and when he got home, by the way has he never heard of people like Jerry Seinfeld, would seriously like to see him try to defend his comments to someone like that.
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