piss on simon

what the hell why did yall cut vanessa when she had a lil stage fright but yet you let that other punk ass come back and have a second shot and then let him go on thatts a crock of !$#!#...... and then you sent col larry away and told him he was to old but then you turn around and let that other punk ass that is over 28 go on but didnt i hear you thee larry that the cut off was 28???????? whats up with that and mayb jus mayb if ellen would bend you over and give it to you really hard 2 or 3 times a day for about a mounth you would be good an reamed out and woldnt be so pissy all the time even tho i wont ever watch idol again after you cut vanessa ill be glad to see you leave and really hope like hell idol folds piss off simon.... i guess a lil small town girl like her dont fit into your click but wont you feel like !$#!# when she dose make it big
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