Scotty you are the next bestbetter to a happy meal

Scotty I voted for you all the way through American Idol.The first time I heard you sing and you got them pipes with the sex deep voice going I knew you where gonna when the whole think and that is what I told my husband that you where gonna be session 10 winner.And he said how do you know I said just listen to him sing and how much he puts in to it and you can see the love and soul of a new comer to country when you hit my age and you basicly grew up on blue grass and country music.That is what I grew up on so I knew from the get go.Now it is sad that I can't carry a tune in a bucket with a hole in it to make it echo.I wish you the best of everything.Cause God Blessed you son with something good and never give it up.I'll keep praying for you all the way.I am olde enough to be your momma if not may even your grandma.I love you have a birthday in Octoer to mine is October 27th.And I am gonna go out for my birthday and try to get my hands on your new wishs Scotty,Take all the way and make a BIG OLE NAME FOR YOURSELF and don't ever forget were your ture roots lay and were you are from and don't let it all go to your head.
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