is anyone else sick of seeing Emily???

Im so sick of looking forward to the bachelorette every week just to be disappointed again week after week. God can ANYONE whine or talk more through her nose than Emily and say "o aaa" after every long drawn out word?????????? She is SO into herself and her kid and Im not sure there is ANY man on earth that could put up with her and her whinning and being so picky about everything. All she is interested in is if the men are going to "touch her" hold her or kiss her. Whats up with that? Isnt she looking for whats inside of the man and his feelings and thoughts on anything???? I wished to GOD that the producers odf the bachlorette would find a NEW and FRESH woman for the next bachlorette. We are sick to death of watching the same whinning woman through TWO series. Bring in a fresh woman that no one has seen or had to listen to before.... and try to get one that isnt so into herself like Emily is. btw I hope the guy she finally choses is rich enough to support her.. but the looks of her house in Charlotte they would have to be a millionaire to keep her in the lifestyle she is used to
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