What's Up With Anya?

Anya's likability amongst her fellow designers is her saving grace. Yes, she has talent as a designer, but she is receiving help with her garments. Laura has helped her finish 2x that we know of: (1) On the pajama challenge and the other on the Nina jumpsuit. Plus, Joshua was the one who suggested that she dye the mustard-colored fabric and it appears that Anthony Ryan helped her dye it. Of course, your garment will look perfect, when it's the result of FOUR designers. Enough already. Let her stand on her own from now on. It's not a time management issue. It's a skills issue. Plain and simple. And it's not fair to the other designers.
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Tim had to practically tie joshua's hands together to keep him from sabotaging his own work. Without massive help from Tim and the judges, Joshua wouldn't have made the top four. Never was there any mention about how much help he had, and he never acknowleged the generous help he received. Josh is gonna have to get that chip off his shoulder or he's gonna be living under it.
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