The evolution of designer

This year's show exemplified how a designer can emerge from his or her own aesthetic, to incorporate the inspiration around them and still keep a sense of who they are as an artist. The show functioned as more than a design show; it became a program about reaching new levels as people who can be competent in a field they love, while still growing into a professional, capable of using new expertise to create clothes for other people. I loved that each designer showed a unique aesthetic, separate from each other, but but each designer grew into a higher level within their designs. Amazingly, they worked together, allowing some transfer of ideas without copying each other to boredom. The team of four was very cohesive as an interesting compliment to each oter. If I had to name a new show after this one, it would be called, "Evolution." Each week became an instructive view on how to take criticism and how to transform that negative into a viable vision of a profession line of fashion.
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