I have lost all respect for Ven!

ok so I understand that Ven has made very nice clothing in the past challenges, but the most recent challenge just made me lose complete respect for him! He was so rude to his client an he just didn't even care what she wanted! And then, he continued to be rude, and kept complaining about how she was the only "plus size" woman there and everyone else got "model sized" women. Firstly, she was curvy, and he had no right to continuously call her big and plus sized! Then he thinks he didn't deserve to be in the bottom? Well clearly he wasn't paying attention to how much of a failure he was in this challenge. But then, what really pissed me off was what he said in the preview for next weeks episode! He said that men are stronger designers than women! Excuse me?! I happen to want to be a fashion designer when I'm older, and that little comment just pushed me over the edge. Ven needs to be gone. Soon.
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AGREED!!!! Ven was one of my favorites going into the "real woman" challenge", and his attitude and comments made me sick! He did nothing but perpetuate the double standard that woman are "invalid" if they are not "model" thin, and beautiful....all along, men (Including VEN), can be overweight/fat, bald, grey, and with no sense of style, and still be deemed attractive. We have made no advancement in correcting this double standard, and women remain objectified and subjugated!! Wake up American girls and woman, fight for equality, as we are far from having it!
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