How Sad

Piers was very rude to the first Dance Group last night on 8/3/2010.His comments over weight should not of been said nor talk about Biggest Loser.True there are many over weight Americans today.But we have no idea what the reasons are.I know how these words can hurt , at a very young age, having these problems since young.These Guys are very active.Piers is getting just like Simon, with his rudeness.There on the show for talent and not what they look like or where they come from.And he has been on Howies back every night with way out of the way comments.At least when Howie comments back they arent meant like piers sayings.He should not be a judge on there any more.I agree with many Americans.Dont know how long his new marriage will last unless its due to money .
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Piers Morgan should NOT be on TV! He is a failed newspaper editor who was sacked for printing hoax photographs supposedly showing British and American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners. ThesE photographs undoubtedly led to many British and American soldiers being killed because the insurgents believed they were true! He now condones the hacking of anybody's mobile phone which he obviously knew about when he was editor of the Mirror newspaper in England. How can somebody like that ever be said to be appealing??
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