Nigel why would you not bring Laura back !

Nigel I thought for sure you would be the person to speak up when Angelie (smart ass) got disqualified and tell them it was not fair to Laura to miss out on a lifetime dream and it would only be fair to have brought her back. I personally could not believe she didn't win. That girl deserved it more then anyone. She was indeed the whole package. Angelie looked more like a man,Lisa has a big nose and big mouth,and Allison bug eyes that get handle the light which is one of the biggest thing a model needs to do is look directly into the light and her personality stinks. I guess that is why you do not see any of these winners on any ads of any sort (magizines,billboards, not even on any covergirl pictures. Not any girl I and many others have guessed as being the winner on most of these cycles have won. And I bet if the right ones were chosen you would see them on these ads. I guess what I'm getting at is Laura should of won and I believe Nigel knows she was the best girl from day one also. So Laura you got ripped off and should of been brought back if they were fair and in my eyes you are the winner and I hope we will see your pretty face on ads and on the runway Disappointed Once Again Tina Holman
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