Mia Michael's genius

I'm a 79 yr old ex dancer/choregrapher who absolutely thinks Mia Michaels is a genius. I also think that Mr. Lythgoe has changed the face of American dance more than anyone I can remember other than Gene Kelly. When I danced it was Ballet, Tap and Jazz and if you couldn't do that you were out. Now, Lythgoe has shown us that there are so many LEGIT forms of dance that are equally as thrilling. Thank you. But Mia is something else!!! One can't identify her style because she can do everything brilliantly. I watched in absolute awe as many of her #'s were performed last week and it was wonderful to see her genius at work. The only thing that marred the proceedings was the judges insistance on comparisons to the original Dancers. Why. These beautiful young people were brilliant in their own right and needed no other critique. Since I no longer dance I've been writing a Musical film called "Behind The Curtain" which I sent to Mia a couple of years ago. She eventually had time to read it and loved it. I'm working on getting Cher to star in it and when it happens it'll be Mia who choreographs it (and directs it if I can make it happen!!!). Dance on America. I love it.
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