how many people want little people big world to end their season or keep on going with more seasons?

i honestly think that little people big world should keep on making new seasons. Not because i watch the show all the time ( witch i do ) and not because I just like them, the real meaning on why i would want them to keep on the air is because they teach children alot about responceability and what some people have to go throw in their daily lives. Im an average person normal height and weight, im 16 and my height alone is 6'3. At times in my life i honestly wanted to be a little person. I wanted to experience some of the things they have to go through in their everyday life. With my age and my height alot has come my way, such as, i always made the basketball team, i was the one in school who they always asked to get them things because they wernt as nig as i was at my age. Now at my height and my age some things have come my way in life, ive now already had 1 knee surgery because of my height and how fast my bone structure grew before my muscles and tendents even thought about enlargering in size. My knee now i have to wear a full knee brace 24/7, and i also lost being ableto play all the sports i used to love playing. This show in some aspects have shown me alot and has taught me that their are other people out there who have a harder time getting things and operating motor vehicles then average height people. I know this isnt just about me i just wanted to point out that some people have to do things in other ways and i have laernd that by experiance. But little people big world can teach this to other kids to if they stay in seasons and keep o doing it not for the money and not for the fame do it becaue other people will learn from your show and realize alot in life and what other people have to go through.
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