Amy is really quite a wife & mother

I use to LOVE the show NOW I can hardly watch it. I get so SICK of the way Amy treats her own husband. I think they need to go to marriage counciling & I think Amy NEEDS to learn how to clean house & learn to be a BETTER parent. She needs to know there are 2 PARENTS. Zack I can't stand him anymore either, he's not perfectneeds to be REMINDED of that. If the show goes the way it is , I won't be watching.
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It is hard to believe SheriLindner that we are watching the same show. I am so sick and tired of watching Matt be so inconsiderate to Amy.Last spring he left Amy to off on a fantastic trip with Jeremy! He forced her into a situation where she had to resign from the board. Now he leaves one of the most important jobs of being a manager to Amy. He totally lacks any sense of responsiblity. If Matt is the center of attention he backs out. She is expected to be coach and manager. Matt is egotistical and dictorial All he cares about are his own needs. Amy is foolish to let him get away with so much. She should hire a housekeeper. There few women out there who have as much to offer as who would put up with such a selfish,dictorial twit. AMY GET OUT! Matt brings you down!
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