Lie to me: Tim Roth is back.... by

When you like someone, very often you begin looking at this person and at everything he or she does very one-sided. You simply welcome everything as it is. It's my case with Tim Roth! "The Legend of the Pianist","Gridlock'd", "Four Rooms", "Vatel","Pulp Fiction" are very hard to forget. They are still bumping in my head. So after watching "Lie to me" I, not only enjoyed Tim's professional comeback, but also was very excited about the plot and supporting actors of this TV series. This serial really offers something new,inspiring and what is the most important it's very real. Lie is a complicated issue. It can kill or heal,it can save your life or ruin it at the same time. If you can't lie and always tell the truth,while other people lie every hour of a day, doesn't make you a great person. You have to evaluate each situation particularly and choose yourself whether to lie or not. I don't know what will be in future episodes, but the first one clearly showed that American cinema can still bring something new to the viewers around the world.
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