how good he is and how committed to his job he is.

i think Leland is very good at what he does and i think he really likes his job and the life he has chosen.i think he would go any distance he had to to get the job done.i think he is so very handsome and if i could meet just one of the cast or bounty hunters it would be Leland.if i had only one wish it would be to meet him and the team.i hope to meet the whole team some day out side of jail.if it were not for dog the bounty hunter and team for the work and words to help every one they hunt and come in contact with and the kind and giving words.i never miss any episode even if it is a rerun.they have given me more strength than they will ever know.i was once the hunted but i am now doing good and have been the best i can be for five years now.thank to dog the bounty hunter and you all. thank you lots kristy
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