Congrats on your Marriage

I'm happy for you & Lamar, you seem great together..... Bravo for teaching him to swim...... I enjoy watching the show and how your family looks out for each other. I don't really have any family and have been going through some tough times... I worked in Real Estate offices for 0er 15yrs, I had my real estate license but then the market crashed in New Jersey.. I enjoyed being the backbone of the company, I had over 20 agents depending on me and they always new I would come through...... I'm trying to get back on my feet, my last relationship left me drained financially & emotionally.... It's hard, all the shelter are full around here... I wish I could get a fresh start... I'm soo happy for all the good fortune for you & your family & wish you continued success.... I think you are the strongest sister, Kim is kim and Kourtney is blinded by Scott, I feel for her..... I've been depressed, but when I watch your show I laugh & smile, so THANK YOU for that...... Sincerely,,, Jodi Edel
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