Rob Kardashion- His family cut's him out of their financial success

I can't begin to comprehend how the whole family just pushes Rob aside. They don't acknowledge him as a Kardashion. They are so caught up in making money for them selves. That they don't even consider if it wasn't for their farther they wouldn't even have that last name. And hello he is a man not a woman. I think that is really cold heart-ed for the whole family to cut him out of the financial part. I believe it's very selfish inconsiderate unthoughtful and just greed. I believe that Kris Rob's mom should of made it her first priority to make sure that all of her children are well off financially. I can't understand that when Rob say's I literally don't have any money coming in. The only responses he get is Cloe say's well at least you don't have any bills and Kim say's that her brother Rob has established his self as being flaky and his mom Kris completely ignores him. Oh no let me correct myself she gives her#1 excuse that she uses all the time. She doesn't have any time.
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