Kris You are so ignorant to Bruce. You spent thosands of dollars on plastic surgery and you dare say Bruce can't buy a helicopter. Yonder why your kids are always exsposing their asses. You are a selfish !$#!# and God can take it all away in a minute. I also think you ought to leave the plastic surgery alone. I think you look really bitter and mean. It looks like you put a mean mask on . I really am starting to realize how selfish you are. You act like your 23 grow the hell up. No wonder your kids are so mental! I can't believe you spend so much on your clothes and your mask's. I hope you loose everything the only one who will survive if you loose everything is Bruce. Bruce is the nicest guy. I think your aditute sucks along with your plastic surgeon. Kim is making the money what if she was in a fire what will you do than? I guess you would mKE THE TWINS TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES TO MAKE YOU MONEY. i THINK YOU SUCK. wHO ARE YOU TO !$#!# ABOUT bRUCE WANTING TO GET THE HELICOPTER. wHAT THE
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