paul leslie lewis jr. sex offender in bakersfield,ca 93312-your father

hey jon, Id like to know where your father has gone into hiding now that we have found him. He was going to be excommunicated again for crimes he committed 30 years ago and was never prosecuted for in chandler,az. I hear from his ward people he left for utah to live on land he has purchased. what a load of #@%%!! He loves boy scouts and the mormon church is his way to all the boy scouts and whatever he can get sexually from them.. I know he also beats your mom and introduces little boys to !$#!#graphy and I mean extreme !$#!#graphy. he is a rapist and sodomizer of young boys. I have to wonder if he's gone to lehi to see your sister melinda and brother christian?? give him regards from chandler,az and tell him we will track him down one way or another....feel free to e mail me back if you have the stomach. you know its all true.. and you werent born in bakersfield,ca u were born in lincoln,nb. your mother was pregnant when your dad uprooted your family and moved in 1979!!!
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