Why do we not hear or see Jeffrey Donovan more often in the media?

I know I am in love with the character, Michael Weston, and not with the person of Jeffrey Donovan, but I sure would like to know more about him. I like to think he has to have some of the characteristics of Weston, because he is so REAL in the character. But, can we hear a little more about him and his personal life, etc. Is he married? Does he have children? If not, I hope he is making good choices in his relationships and how he lives his life. But, then again, perhaps not knowing is better...it might totally blow my "fantasy vision" of who I hope he is. Don't blame him either if he wants to remain private. It's just all these Polls for "sexiest man alive", blah blah blah, all the ment they choose seem so second choice to my man, Michael Weston! Anyone else out there have any thoughts?
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