Jeanne Tripplehorn as Alex in Criminal Minds

I think Tripplehorn is the worst choice of a character in Criminal Minds' history. She is blank, robotic, egg head. No personality, emotions or passion, or even disgust! When she talks I cringe and resent the fact that she is taking away lines other characters could say better. She does not gel with the team or the Audiance. She belongs in old fashion stiff police dramas.She may have done well on other shows she was in. However, CM is a different kind of show. Emily was a well rounded, empathic,gifted, relational character....this new choice is a failure and I fear will bring down the whole show. This season has been CM's weakest one ever. Think of the full and intriguing Character of Jason Gideon, even the new Recruit Seavers had more of a real life character. JJ's husband Will and Kevin should be given more time. They are great and are real and believable. Please drop her.
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